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Catarina Calavera® is both a brand and a concept store dedicated to the art of living.
The shop offers a selection of unique and original objects and accessories, carefully chosen to go beyond the standards of the big brands...

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The main advantage of decorative bank card stickers is undoubtedly their aesthetic appearance. Stickers can add a touch of personality to your credit card, whether it's displaying your favorite band, your favorite sports team or simply...

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Catarina Calavera, nain de jardin, nain de jardin qui fait un doigt d'honneur, nain qui fait un doigt, ottmat horl, Sponti -

Ottmar Hörl creates and presents works whose style is quite particular: his sculptures and statuettes, all monochrome, are not unique, but reproduced in series (on request, they can be signed) and installed in museums around the world, but also parks, gardens, or cities... Ottmar Hörl creates and stages through large format happenings! In 2004, he made 10,000 owls in the unique colors of the Olympic rings, and installed them in the form of a giant square in a stadium of nearly 4,000 m2, the work having been dedicated to the Olympic Games in Athens (The work is entitled: “Carrying Owls...

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