Sticker for letterbox, Martin Pecheur

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Sticker for front of mailbox

    • Dimensions: 28x28cm, rounded corners
    • This sticker is covered with a transparent protective film specific for the outdoor environment, resists bad weather, UV rays and washing.
    • Appearance: shiny
    • This sticker is designed to fit all standard and standardized letterboxes.
    • Applied according to our recommendations, we guarantee this sticker for 5 years.
    • Item made to order, manufacturing time, packaging and shipping: 7 working days
    • All of our decals are designed and manufactured in Nice, France.

    Installation advice
    For perfect adhesion, the support must be dry and clean.
    The temperature of the substrate must be between 10°C and 30°C
    Wash and dry your surface before application. We advise you to clean the surface with household alcohol (Do not use greasy solvent such as rubbing alcohol)

    Remove the lock and the plastic plate (location of the name) you can then cut out these locations on the sticker with scissors or a cutter.
    Peel off the pattern from the backing
    Position the sticker, once the final location of your sticker has been chosen, stick it by chasing the air from the middle outwards (use a soft cloth).
    Little tip: if you have small air bubbles that appear, despite everything, pierce them gently with a fine needle.

    The sticker has a permanent adhesive, if necessary it is however possible to remove it.
    Method: Heat the surface with a hair dryer, it will soften the glue and the sticker will peel off easily. Then remove any residue with rubbing alcohol.